Lotux Defrost

Lotux Defrost – During the winter months, iciness caused by (night) frost and snowfall can cause many problems. The solution is Lotux Defrost, a series of effective de-icing agents that provide a safe working environment without harm to people, animals and the environment.

We have been contributing to a safe (working) environment for 9 years now. We do this with our specially designed composition to quickly and easily clear surfaces of snow and ice, without the harmful effects you would experience with road salt. By using Lotux Defrost, you can keep surfaces free of snow and ice for a long time in a responsible and efficient way.

The fact that Lotux Defrost is a quality product is apparent from the sectors that have been using the product for years. Dutch Railways (NS), Schiphol Airport, Shell, De Nederlandsche Bank, De Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij, Erasmus University and the inland shipping industry are satisfied users of Lotux Defrost.

In brief

Lotux Defrost

times quicker compared to traditional road salt.
hours effective, compared to road salt, this is 5 times longer.
product types, available in granule, flake, liquid and liquid pro.
years we have been contributing to a safe (working) environment.



During the winter months, ship decks and quays can become very slippery due to frost. For the safety of the skipper and crew, the deck should not be slippery, especially during loading and unloading operations. Due to the addition of a rust-resistant component, the use of Lotux Defrost will not cause new layers of rust.


Hazardous situations for employees can arise on the construction site, resulting in lost time injuries due to, for example, frozen concrete floors, scaffolding, roofs and stairs. Lotux Defrost is also ideal for these situations. The concrete will not suffer any corrosion damage and can even be poured through.


Combating icy roads, pavements, shopping streets, car parks and cycle lanes is often the responsibility of the municipality. Lotux Defrost can save the municipality on the (expensive) labour costs for de-icing, because the granules and flakes are effective for many times longer, so gritting is required less often.


The use of Lotux Defrost will bring many benefits to the logistics sector. Using Lotux Defrost on areas such as the entrance, car park and dock shelters creates a safe working environment for staff and visitors. When vehicles/trucks are stuck due to icy conditions, sprinkle a handful of Lotux Defrost under the wheels, and you will notice you can continue driving in no time.

Petrochemical sector

Combating iciness in the petrochemical sector is not easy. In many cases, road salt can’t be used because of corrosion on the pipes. Lotux Defrost contains a rust-resistant component, which means it can be applied to pipes, pumps, evaporators and grounds without corrosion damage. Staff will be able to work in a safe environment by using Lotux Defrost, which means lower absence levels caused by icy conditions.

Business complexes and shopping centres

Due to (heavy) snowfall, roofs of business complexes and shopping centres have a hard time because of the weight pressure exerted by the snow on the roof. This can be prevented by spreading Lotux Defrost the day before the snowfall or frost period (up to 24 hours). Visitors and staff who use the car parks can also experience a lot of hindrance from the icy road. Lotux Defrost can also offer a solution here; the product can be used without any problems in a gritting truck or machine.