PFAS & Nitrogen-free

You must have heard or read something about it in recent months. De-icing agents such as road salt and urea are regularly mentioned in the PFAS and nitrogen debate.

Substances with a high PFAS value can accumulate in the ground or in rivers. These products are difficult to biodegrade and can be harmful to people, nature and the environment.

In addition to de-icing agents that may have PFAS values, there are also agents with a high nitrogen content, such as urea. Urea is a highly concentrated nitrogen fertiliser that is harmful to the atmospheric environment.

Lotux Defrost is 100% environmentally friendly

Unlike road salt and urea, Lotux Defrost is safe for people, animals and the environment. This is supported by certifications, such as: ISO 14001, EKO/SKAL and NEN. In addition to the environmentally friendly benefits, Lotux Defrost also works 30 times faster and 5 times longer than road salt and urea. It can be used preventively thanks to a residual effect of up to 24 hours. Lastly, it can even be used in a gritting truck (as granule and flake).

In brief

Lotux Defrost

times quicker compared to traditional road salt.
hours effective, compared to road salt, this is 5 times longer.
product types, available in granue, flake, liquid and liquid pro.
years, we have contributing to a safe (working) environment.